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I am the type of person that is hard to enjoy but she did soften my heart and taught me to give it a try like dating a gorgeous girl at London escorts from West Midland Escorts agency. I don’t want commitment; I am afraid of being hurt just like my mother. She loves too much my dad but still end up and left us. I saw how she gave everything to him, her time and effort but when dad found another woman, it was easy for him to go. Maybe love stories are only made up, and making people assumes that it was true. No man can love one person for a lifetime, there will always be a time to be tempted and hurt your partners feeling.


I don’t believe in love because if it’s true; I still have a complete and happy family. People are cheater and time will come that they can see another person to replace you. Many told me I am a good looking man, and why I don’t have a girlfriend. Why would have a girlfriend if I can sleep with any woman I like? Let’s are practical, we went into the relationship to satisfied our needs and fulfilled it. There is no other than that, and when we used to it, we can freely leave, without hassle and responsibility.


But Monica is different; I met her in a club. I can see that she is not familiar with the place and feel nervous. I go towards her to whisper and say something, but she immediately slaps me and calls me to a pervert. She ran away, and a lady came to me and apologized for her behavior. I can’t forget her even when I was on my mind, keep thinking with her day and night. I wish that I can see her again.


School is back and did not expect to be classmate with her. I know she is familiar with me because when she saw me, she rolled her eyes and dirty finger. I am inspired to go to class every day and make some crazy stuff to get her attention. But she still frustrates me. I have asked her that I will treat her at lunch, but she refuses. She challenges and she is not an easy woman. One night, I saw her with a man, perhaps it was her boyfriend. I feel sad and stop chasing her. Until we became a partner in one subject in class and that was the start of our closeness. She is a West Midland escort, and the man is her client. I am grateful that I still have a chance for her. I am in love with a West Midland Escorts for the first time

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