I have always enjoyed stripping – London escorts

Before I started to escort for London escorts, I did stripping full time. It was great, but I only do stripping on a part time basis now. If you like, you can say that it pays for my cat and my grocery bill. The only reason why I still strip is because I like to dance, and this is the only way I get to do what I call exotic performance dance. Am I going to give it up and only concentrate on London escorts? I don’t think so.


Some gents really enjoy my strip dance routine, and I pick up some good tips at the bar. But, these days’ club owners want you to dance in smaller places, or on smaller areas. Dancing on small tables is kind of difficult, and when you are wearing stilettos, it becomes even more difficult. Recently I fell off a table, and cut myself really badly. This guy was drinking a beer while he watched me strip and I feel on his glass. Ten stitches later I was okay, but I had to have time off from London escorts.


Not only was it embarrassing to fall, but I also had the injury to deal with. I cut myself just over my right breast, so it is still showing up today. The doctor made a really good job of stitching me up, but I am aware of the injury when I date at London escorts. Some of my gents have noticed the scar, but they are still coming back to see me at London escorts. There was a time when I thought that I would have to leave the escort agency.


Mind you, the event has not put me off stripping for pleasure. I still strip at weekends but I stay away from small tables. If gent would like to see more up and personal, I offer them a lap dance instead. I am not the only girl at London escorts who strips, but I am the only who has fallen off a table. Most of the other girls here at London escorts will only dance on stage. That is the best way of doing. I think that I got a little bit greedy when I realized how much money I could make by table dancing. Now I know that table dancing may not necessarily pay off a great deal.


Would I recommend stripping to other girls? If you like to dance, I think it is okay. In the end, you get used to taking your clothes off and it does not worry you anymore. Some of the girls that I have met from other London escorts services, strip part time like me. They are either at the beginning of their London escorts careers, or need the money for something. I strip because I am kind of addicted to it. The extra money is nice, but I think that many girls strip because they get a kick out of it. That is why I do it, and I am not sure if I will ever be able to stop stripping.

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